David McCandless TED Talk: The Beauty of Data Visualization

Interesting talk on data visualization.  I like that the talk focused not really on the visualizaiton part, but that you need to contrast data / put it in context to make the visualizations make sense.  David gives a few scenarios such as reporting not just raw numbers (military budget), but needing to relate that to GDP; when doing that, the visualizaitons completly change their influence on the viewer.


Some Videos from Mix'11

I'd like to share a video I made at Mix, as well as also show one I found on YouTube of a part of the second day keynote.

The first I took and is of the MSR team using Kinect to drive the virtual telescope data.  I love they way this shows flying through the solar system with just your hands:

The next is of the Kinect Drivable Lounge Chair:

I asked how much this cost to make and he said something like $30,000!