F# and Azure

I pushed my first set of F# code to Azure today.  Upon first run, I got an error that FSharp.Core could not be found.  I was pretty sure it was in the package that was deployed, so I set about a bit investigation.  The most appropriate link I found was the following:


Basically, you can run F# code in azure, but because F# libraries are stored locally in the GAC (and hence referenced in the GAC), and that since in Azure the the GAC F# assemblies to not allow partial trust the F# libraries are not found by default?

The solution?  It's in that article to a point.  My F# code was not an actual worker_role piece of code, so that template did not assist me.  My worker was a C# worker that was attempting to call an F# library.  Since I had the code, I put the --standalone value in the other flags section of the project properties (see the picture), recompiled, linked the new dll into the C# app, deployed it, and it ran fine!

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