Social media and business strategy

I'm attending a session today at UPenn/Wharton about using social networking for business strategy.  There is discussion of various items, and I thought I'd just not a few of them here:..

- I see a need for an organization that integrates business data with social network data to make decisions on the business data based upon that social network data.
- An example is that if I have a customer that does 'x', then it is likely that if there is a link in the network to another person from that person, then that person is likely to behave similarly. 
- Therefore, if they are not a customer, and x behaves favorably, then it would be good to market to the friend of x.  Conversely, the friend of X might be a bad customer if the same holds for 'x' (x is bad).
- Trick then is to be able to mine all of the networks, determine the relationships within the network as well as between networks, as well as to match business data with the network data.
- Directed marketing b2b, b2c through the social network.
- use the social network to dynamically drive collaboration

This leads me to believe that there is a real need for a platform that does the following:
- Integrates the separate social networks
- Defines mappings between SN's, and also metadata
- Defines mappings of corporate information to the data in the platform
- Allows for dynamic creation of social networks
- Manage data in a single place, and have it replicate to the other networks

Privacy is an issue with this type of platform.  What data do you allow to be seen by the various networks?

Situation of a pharma having a facebook page.  If someone posts about an adverse reaction to a drug, the pharma must follow up on it.  This can be burdensome.

This leads me to also think that the platform must monitor the network comments and report appropriate comments to the appropriate people to handle them.

If there are examples of bad behavior, then that information can be used to "filter the noise".

Another idea is to use the platform to integrate to other social network aggregators.

Niche social networks are going to be the goal.

Platform is valuable as it allows you to get customers that build services on your tools, therefore collecting $$ not matter what.

Posts have relative rankings for reputation.  Comments are valuable.  Comments also will be graded upon their tone.
More to come...

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